About Us

Paithalmount cottages is a secluded mountain resort nestled in the valley of Paithalmala hills in the Kannur district of Kerala. It is 50 km away from kannur town near the village of Pathenpara.

Paithalmount cottages is the idyllic place for those who believe "living in harmony with nature". Enjoy the breath taking natural beauty where you can drop all your troubles away, listen to the song of nature, walk through the grass that pokes between your toes, hear the buzzing of the bees and hand on to the resonance of water splash. A majestic backdrop of cloud studded mountain peaks, splendorous views all around, unspoiled natural ambiance, colorful tropical flowers and butterflies await you.

The experience at Paithalmount cottages completely unlike typical resort. You will enjoy nature at its pristine best. Paithalmount cottage is a destination in itself offering enchanting nature walks where you can enjoy some stunning vista treks of varying durations of suits your preference including through deep forests and the occasional wildlife rendezvous.

If you are looking for a calm and quiet vacation within an environment of exquisite ecological beauty and unending relaxation, The birds, trees, animals, nature itself has a lot of things to teach but you need to look closely. Take off for a day or two from your routine work and spend some time in nature. Enjoy the beauty and take in the lessons that nature has to offer you.

We are very much concerned about our guest and our service will feel home away home....We guarantees that every guest leaves here with a smile of satisfaction.

Here Nature creates a paradise just for you ... Come and Experience...